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New Appointment System From Tuesday 18 February 2020 Posted on 22 Apr 2021

Brookfield Surgery has recognised it needs to change the way it meets patient demand to ensure we are safe and effective.

We understand that different patients want different things from our appointment system. Some people like to fit appointments in with their work or other commitments whilst some need to be seen as urgent on the day. Many people have more routine matters to discuss whilst other people have potentially life threatening health issues needing prompt attention.

We try our best to meet these varying needs within the limitations of the number of GPs and appointments available. Like most GP surgeries, the demand for GP appointments here at Brookfield Surgery is very high. Every month our GPs provide well over 2500 consultations for patients and demand continues to rise.  Therefore our receptionists will normally ask you a few questions to help you find the most appropriate point of care.

New Appointment System from 18 February 2020

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